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Quality has always been the cornerstone of NM Metal’s endeavor to provide superior quality that is constantly at the threshold of delivering customer satisfaction. In over forty years of successful performance, Quality has become the way of life; it is a well-ingrained philosophy and a motivation to consistently perform at its highest levels.

Our firm has an integrated manufacturing plant starting from raw material melting to final finished product. We have our own melting, casting and rolling facility for better production results and to produce best quality products. This means that we can provide a wider range of products with superior and finer quality according to your need and requirements.

Constant product developments, stringent quality control and prompt services to customers has always been our top priority. Our range of extra heavy base utensils helps in conserving the heat to preserve natural taste and flavor. For easy holding, utensils are fitted with suitable matching aluminium wire or Bakelite handles.

We specialize in manufacturing of seamless or jointless cooking pots or topes of upto 365 litre capacity with face diameter of 38″. Utensils of even higher capacities can be produced through welding processes.

At NM Metal Works, the function of quality assurance is done at every stage of manufacturing; right from the melting of raw material to the dispatch of the finished product. Multi-stage inspection is a must to ensure that the products reinforce our company’s commitment to quality at all levels.

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