Aluminium Tope with Handle

Topes by NM Metal Works

We manufacture high quality topes with handles, used in commercial as well as domestic use. They can be finished either with mirror polish or simple ray finish.

1.    An aluminium tope is a high-quality construction aluminium pot that can be an enduring workhorse in any kind of kitchen — home, catering, or restaurant.
2.    With a quick, evenly heating nature, this aluminium pot makes quicker and more consistent work of preparing soups, stocks, sauces or any kind of food.
3.    Due to availability in a variety of sizes, this is a great all-purpose pot.
4.    It is also available with handles on each side.
5.    An aluminium tope can also be provided with a cover called tope cover.
6.    An aluminium tope is available in round bottom as well as flat bottom(depending on the size).

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